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Premier's Council for Women

Premier's Council for Women

The Premier's Council for Women was established in December 2002 to provide leadership and advice to the South Australian Government in respect to the needs and interests of women through the provision of well-informed and strategic advice on policies, programs and matters of significance to women.

About us

How we started

The Premier's Council for Women, comprising leaders of various fields, was created in December 2002 to provide leadership and advice to ensure that the interests and needs of women are at the forefront of the South Australian Government's policies and strategies.

Who we are

The Council's members are influential women with expertise in a range of areas such as health, education, disability, business, government, social policy, agribusiness and the arts and include Aboriginal women and women from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Office for Women provides executive support to the Premier's Council for Women.

Biography of members

What we do

The Premier's Council for Women works at a strategic level to effect change. Its overarching role is to:

  • advise the Premier and Minister for the Status of Women
  • advocate on behalf of women
  • monitor how policies and programs impact on women.

The Council is dedicated to continuous improvement and effective action. It commits time and effort to considering relevant issues  and how to exercise influence and make an impact for South Australian women.

Terms of reference

The role and responsibilities of the Premier's Council for Women are to:

  • Respond to Government with timely advice on matters referred to the Council by the Premier or the Minister for Human Services;
  • Provide recommendations, information and advice to the Premier and the Minister for Human Services, to facilitate a whole of Government approach to ensuring that programs and services match women's needs;
  • Monitor Government policies and programs related to women; and
  • Report once a year to the Premier and the Minister for Human Services with responsibility for the status of women.

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